The Importance of A Healthy Gut For Hair Loss Prevention

The balance between good and bad bacteria affects hair health

I was recently watching a TED talk about how our diets have changed from our paleolithic ancestors and how this was affecting our health in the modern day and age. One point that I found very interesting was about the amount of preservatives that we now eat every day.

Preservatives that have been snuck into our food to make it last longer both for the benefit of the consumer and the producer/distributor. Unfortunately, when we look at the purpose of preservatives it becomes apparent that we could be doing real damage to ourselves by eating foods containing them.

Preservatives are essentially chemicals that kill bacteria and microbes, it stops them eating our food instead of us! But when we eat foods with preservatives in we are eating foods that contain chemicals that are meant to kill bacteria.

Well our gastrointestinal tract is full of healthy and hugely beneficial bacteria that aid in the efficient digestion and assimilation of food. If we eat foods containing preservatives surely we are damaging these healthy bacterial colonies?

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Another thing is that our modern diets contain so many starches and sugars that are poorly digested in incompatible combinations and can become a feeding ground for unhealthy bacterial growth in the digestive tract.

This got me thinking about if the bacteria or ‘microbiome’ in our gut could have anything to do with male pattern hair loss.

At the moment all I can do is speculate, but in the coming months I plan to do much more research into gut flora, good and bad bacteria and learn about the chemicals that the bacteria excrete.

If I still suspect that the bacterial balance in our guts might be connected with hair loss then I hope to carry out a full detox cleanse with colonic irrigations to remove any bacterial colonies and use probiotics to bring back the healthy bacteria, and see if we can notice any difference with rate of hair loss, or hair regrowth.

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It’s clear that environmental circumstances do play a determining role in hair loss – because we see that indigenous populations don’t suffer from male pattern baldness in any way similar to Western men.

So, yes, genes do play a role in hair fall, but that is only the predisposition to hair loss.

If our bodies are becoming sterilized by the consumption of antibiotics and preservatives (found in most processed foods) then how can the correct and balanced microbiome exist in our body?

Preservatives are by definition chemicals meant to kill bacteria, so eating preserved foods will alter gut bacteria.

Could this be affecting the way our hair follicles respond to DHT, or could some chemical be released that is causing higher levels of DHT? So what are some things you can do to correct your bacterial balance?

Firstly, avoid processed foods and try to avoid anything that contains preservatives. This means avoiding alcohol which can cause hair loss. This means most things that come packaged.

Secondly, you need to reset your microbiome, and one way to do this is by going on a 3+ day juice fast, where only natural vegetable juices are consumed. At first your body will hate the vegetable juice – this is a sign that it is doing some good.

There is bacteria in your gut that feed on processed carbohydrates, like candida, and these bacteria crave the yeast and glucose, from white bread say. When you’ve completed the juice fast your intestinal bacteria will be ‘reset’ to a certain degree. (This also makes it much easier to start eating very healthily.)

Thirdly, try taking a probiotic, or making your own. This will introduce the correct (so called ‘friendly’) bacteria back into your system.

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  • Marianne says:

    After meningitis and many antibiotics, I was left in poor health. For the first time, I was seeing doctors at the age of 54. They handle all complaints via Rx. That began a new downward spiral in my health. In an attempt to recover my health I began researching started off with eating better foods (organic) but it seem like there was more to it so I started juicing and yet I still felt there was something missing. And there was PROBIOTICS i’m convinced that just about every aspect of our health hinges on good gut health. Each time I have researched a health issue it is linked to pour gut health and now I find my hair loss Even though it’s inconclusive I strongly believe it’s linked to improper balance of bacteria. As a result I have 40 pounds of cabbage fermenting in my basement. The best probiotics going. I would encourage everyone to do the same my health has improved by leaps and bounds so has my husbands who was in renal failure and withering away. OMG I admire people who have the courage to speak to truth. Don’t get me wrong doctors have their place I wouldn’t be here if they weren’t here along with their anabiotic’s. However, I recently was placed on a Z pack for a sinus infection. I asked the doctor why don’t you prescribe a probiotic with an anabiotic he smugly said,” you can buy those” my reply, but most people don’t realize they should do that. With his hand on the door no further comment walked out.I believe this threatens job security that’s how good probiotics are. But they don’t seem to be interested in cures only treatments. Thanks to people like yourself who are curious and diligent about getting to the bottom of truth. This article is absolutely fascinating and I can’t wait for the rest of your research I admire your work!

    • Will Hartfield says:

      Hello Marianne,
      Thank you so much for your amazing comment. I think you’re right, I’ve underestimated how important gut health is to overall health, and also its affect on hair loss for a long time. I’m just coming to see the tip of the iceberg on this subject. I’m not sure exactly how gut health affects our hair specifically, but I’m very sure it does. There is a brilliant book on this subject by Dr David Perlmutter called ‘Brain Maker’ which I would highly recommend. It’s absolutely fascinating. I love the fermented cabbage recipe and need to get some going myself. We definitely need to do our own research on our health problems and not just rely on doctors, who would simply prescribe finasteride for hair loss or say nothing else could be done. Well I think lots of people here have proved that very much CAN be done, it just takes a bit more time and dedication than popping a pill. Thanks Marianne.

  • John k says:

    Hey Will im 17 years old my dad started losing his hair at 13 I think I’m okay in terms of hair for now but I have done a shitload of research on hairloss I also bought ur program, I’ve done all this because if I do start losing my hair I wanna be prepared and I wanna do everything I can to prevent it. Do you think if I follow everything u say in ur program, I could keep my hair for the rest of my life?

  • Lynnzie says:

    Now you can take this even further by reading the book Medical Medium – its mind blowing!

  • Naman says:

    Hey Will…I have started losing a lot of my hair after I had dengue…it’s been two months I have been suffering from this. .presently I am 17…and my density has reduced a lot..can you pls suggest me so e methids ro increase the density and get back the lost hair..Is going bald a good try??? Pls help me out with this

    • Will Hartfield says:

      Did you take antibiotics?

      • Naman says:

        Yes…I did take it for a week

        • Will Hartfield says:

          I would recommend you take a strong course of probiotics – you will have damaged your microbiome with the antibiotics and its important to restore the healthy bacteria in your gut since an imbalance in bacteria can cause autoimmune problems that lead to hair follicle sensitivity to DHT.

      • Vicki says:

        Could you please help me I have tried Everything to try and get my hair back, for 2 years now it’s getting thinner and thinner, I’m getting depressed what is it??

        • Will Hartfield says:

          Hi Vicki, sorry to hear this. I would recommend reading our Scalp Secrets eBook to get started. Without knowing more about your situation it’s very hard to help.

  • Kayelle says:

    This is amazing. I JUST starting learning about gut health and the first thing I wanted to research was if it could help my hair loss. Thank you for this article. I am a female and started having noticeable thinning at 11 years old! I was not a healthy kid though and had severe reactions when I was young to penicillin and other medications (not sure what they were I was so young). I was also in a chlorinated pool 4+ times a week for 2 years when I was in syncro, this is the time I started noticing the thinning at age 11.

    I just read that chlorine can also majorly alter your gut biome, which makes tons of sense. Nothing I have done for myself has helped, and there were no answers. I have had noticeable ‘male pattern baldness’ for most of my life, around the age of 18 it was at it’s worst and now it is just the same, has not gotten worse or better. I am now 30. I have always had digestive issues or problems eating certain food so I was taking digestive enzymes and probiotics on and off throughout my 20’s which may have helped my hair not get worse, but I don’t know that for sure.

    This article it has really got me thinking and I want to really go for it and do a juice fast and then eat fermented foods and take probiotics. At this point of my life I had honestly given up on my hair… but something about this makes a lot of sense. And even if it doesn’t grow thicker I just want to know that my insides are healthy! Thanks again, I am glad I found this.

    – Kayelle

    • Will Hartfield says:

      Hi Kayelle,
      Thank you for your really interesting comment. It sounds like your microbiome had a tough time when you are younger. Luckily, like you said, there is quite a lot you can do to help heal it and I’m sure that your hair will thrive as a result. We are really just starting to understand how important the microbiome is for overall health and reversing hair loss. Please feel free to update me with your progress via a comment or a direct email. Thanks again.

    • Vicki says:

      What juice do you drink???

  • Motsei says:

    I have been on asthma treatment from a very young age. Might that be a cause of hair loss?

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