ScAlP Elixir

ScAlP Elixir

The Scalp Elixir is a topical growth formula that works by attacking the '7 causes of hair loss': DHT, Scalp Calcification, Lack Of Nutrients & Minerals, Reduced Blood Flow, Inflammation, Sub-optimal Scalp pH & Free Radical Damage.

You've probably heard of minoxidil and are aware that it's the most popular hair loss treatment in the world.

But did you know that there are natural alternatives to minoxidil that are scientifically proven to support healthy hair much more effectively?

In a clinical study in 2014 peppermint oil significantly beat minoxidil's 'hair regrowth score' after just 4 weeks:

In fact, peppermint essential oil isn't the only natural substance that has been proven to have extraordinary positive effects on the hair.

We've been working on combining peppermint oil with other powerful natural substances to create a topical that I personally use every night, giving me back my full, thick and healthy hair without having to worry about the harsh side-effects associated with pharmaceutical drugs.

And after 24 months of work, I'm finally ready to show you the powerful mixture that beat every other variation in our tests.

It's a formula called the 'Scalp Elixir' and for the past 12 months we've been secretly working to make this amazing formula available to our readers.

Why Do I Use The Scalp Elixir Instead Of Minoxidil?


Synfolex™ is our proprietary blend of naturally derived organic extracts, designed to up-regulate the growth and support of hairs even under unfavourable conditions. We are the only product range in the world licensed to use Synfolex™.

Peppermint Oil

The results from the study above show just how effective peppermint essential oil is, and why we include it in our formula, but when formulated with the other ingredients in the elixir... well that's when you really see impressive results in a much shorter time.

Magnesium Oil

Magnesium oil helps to counteract scalp calcification directly enabling greater blood flow by opening up the capillaries to the hair follicles.

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary is similar to peppermint in that it is has proven properties . This amazing essential oil cleans the scalp, increases blood oxygen flow and studies show it can reduce DHT by blocking 5-alpha-reductase as well.


Caffeine has become a popular addition to hair loss shampoos, but the problem is that it doesn't stay in contact with the scalp long enough to have noticeable benefits. Since the elixir stays in contact with your hair & scalp overnight, the caffeine now has a powerful effect on stimulating blood flow.


Taurine helps rejuvenate hair in multiple ways. It helps inhibit fibrosis (the process that reduces blood flow to the scalp.) It's also a proven anti-inflammatory. Lastly, it's clinically proven to protect the hair follicles from stress induced hair loss making it a powerful addition to the Elixir.

Step 1: Fill the applicator with liquid.

Step 2: Apply the liquid to your scalp.

Step 3: Massage the liquid into your scalp.

Now You Can Use These Powerful And Natural Ingredients Everyday With A Simple And Precise Applicator

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    Increases blood flow to the follicle
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    Reduces scalp calcification
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    Blocks DHT directly
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    Cleans and unblocks the scalp pores
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    Easy to apply & wash out
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    Free from chemicals

Scalp Elixir Specifications


Precision syringe (no needle)


12cm x 6cm x 6cm



Shipping times

3-10 days


United Kingdom


PUFA, double boxed

Guarantee period

180 days from purchase

Real Results You Can See & Feel Or Your Money Back - 100% Risk Free!

The Scalp Elixir comes with our 180 Day Guarantee. So, if there is any reason you aren't happy with the Scalp Elixir in the next 180 days simply let us know and we'll issue you a 100% on-the-spot refund.

The Evidence Based Approach To Beating Hair Loss Is Here



Will Hartfield

Will started Hair Loss Revolution in 2012 and 3 years later began work on the Hairguard product range, starting with the Scalp Elixir. He has a Master's degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Birmingham and is based in London, England.

Neel Shah M.D.

Dr Neel Shah completed his M.B.B.S followed by M.D. in pharmacology from India. Currently based in Toronto, Neel worked as a Medical Advisor with companies such as Abbott before joining our team. With published scientific research papers Neel ensures our Hairguard products are researched, formulated and manufactured to the highest standards.

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What do we stand for?


We know that when it comes to 'natural treatments' for hair loss, there are a lot dishonest people selling products that simply don't work. Our core principle is based on integrity to do what's best for our customer, no matter what. We also use our own products everyday so we expect the best.


Our products are developed using scientific principles and as a company we base our decisions on scientific evidence. Nowhere is this more obvious than in our product range where ingredients are only added based on their proven ability to support healthy hair.


We come from the principle that the body is a holistic system and when something gets out of balance, that's when hair loss can happen. Using chemicals to temporarily cover up the problem will never fix the real underlying causes. Only nature can do that!


When you buy online you never really know what you're going to get in the mail. We want to take all the risk off you, & put it on us, so you can buy with confidence. That's why all our products come with a 180 day, 100% money back guarantee so you can try our products for 180 days to make sure they are right for you.