Did you ever wonder why there is a 'pattern' in Male Pattern Baldness?

It's funny to think, but there's a very specific and scientific reason that our hair starts receding and thinning at the front first.

It's known as as the Hamilton-Norwood scale.

Take a look at the picture below and see which stage you're at:

The thing is, unless you do something about it now at the root cause, in two years time you'll probably be at the next stage.

Back to the pattern thing...

Why does hair loss happen in this very specific pattern?

Take a look at this image below:

This image shows the tensile force of the scalp.

The lighter blue colour shows areas of higher scalp tension.

More darker blue shows less scalp tension.

Now take a look at the typical pattern of male pattern baldness:

Notice something weird?

The patterns are almost exactly the same!

Tension in the scalp matches exactly the pattern of hair loss most men experience.

In fact, this isn't weird at all.

Scalp tension and hair loss are directly connected.

How are they connected you ask??

One thing...


When it comes to healthy hair growth, blood flow is everything.

Your hair needs blood to survive and grow because nutrients and oxygen are carried in the blood and form the building blocks of the hair follicle.

Need proof?

Take a look at this picture:

This is an Indian man by the name of Amar Bharati.

As a sign of his religious devotion he held his arm up above his body for over 40 years.

The result?

His arm withered away, leaving not much more than a useless stick.

The reason, of course, was due to lack of blood which was vital to feed the growth of cells in his arm.

Lower blood flow = stunted, withering growth.

Now imagine what would happen if blood flow was restricted to your hair follicles!

The hair follicles would surely start withering away.

You'd be right - hair follicles go through a scientific process known as "hair follicle miniaturization", just like what happened to Amar's arm.

Blood flow goes down, cellular growth stops, and the hair follicles (or arm) stops growing and slowly dies.

See how the hairs on the front of this man's head are miniaturizing and withering away?

Now maybe I can guess what you're thinking...

"I thought hair loss was due to DHT"

DHT is the hormone that is widely recognised to be responsible for male pattern baldness.

The most popular hair loss treatment in the world is finasteride, also known as Propecia.
This is a drug that artificially blocks DHT by stopping it from being converted from testosterone.

And it helps regrow a small amount of hair... but the long term side effects that are almost always related to sexual problems are seriously scary.

Anyway, back to DHT.

You might be thinking that the blood flow and the DHT theories don't match up.

Well this is where it gets interesting, because blood flow is actually the best way to block DHT naturally.

Look at this chemical reaction below:

More blood flow to the scalp leads to more oxygen in the scalp.

And more oxygen in the scalp leads to testosterone being converted to Estradiol (a normal, healthy hormone).

But low oxygen (due to low blood flow) leads to more testosterone being converted into DHT.

So instead of devastating your hormonal system and risking severe, long lasting sexual side effects and premature ageing by using a pharmaceutical for the rest of your life, you could just increase the blood flow to your scalp directly.

But how?

If only there was a way to reduce the scalp tension and boost blood flow back to the scalp, would the hair regrow?

This is a question that our team of scientists and engineers asked ourselves.

We wondered if it would even be possible to regrow massive amounts of hair, returning your hair to the state it was in 5, or even 10 years ago, just by reducing this scalp tension.

After all, if you look at these two diagrams you can see that areas of the scalp with lowest scalp tension always have the most hair:

If we could make the whole scalp the same amount of tension, and therefore the same amount of blood flow, surely the hair would start to grow back where it had already been lost?

We asked ourselves this question two years ago, and since then we've been working on something that did exactly that.

Something that could reduce scalp tension throughout the scalp and boost blood flow to regrow all the hair.

And 6 months into our trial we realised we might have discovered something that really could work.

Our BETA product testers were experiencing visual hair growth within 9 weeks from using what we began to call the 'Growband' for only ten minutes each day.

The device is quite simple. You place it on your head and use a hand pump to inflate an inner tube.

The inner tube lifts the scalp upwards as the air pressure increases.

The motion of inflation and deflation causes the scalp to move up, release the tension and push blood back into the scalp.

In just ten minutes per day we were giving the hair follicles everything they needed to recover back to full strength.

Scalp tension was meaningfully reduced.

We used a skin thermometer to measure the temperature of the scalp whilst using the Growband before, during and after use.

And the temperature had gone up by an average of 15% during that time and for 10 minutes after.

This was a sure sign that circulation throughout the scalp had dramatically increased.

Exactly what was needed to feed the hair follicles with blood.

One of the best things about the Growband is there are no harmful side effects, and no monthly costs.

Unlike using minoxidil and finasteride which you need to buy every 6 months.

And, it is the perfect companion to be used with any other hair loss treatments you're also currently using.

The reduced scalp tension and increases blood flow makes all other hair loss treatments much more effective, multiplying their effect.

Let's take a deeper look at the Growband to see how and why it works so well.


The GrowBand fights hair loss at the true root cause by reducing scalp tension and boosting blood flow in just 10 - 15 minutes per day. If you have thinning and/or receding hair then the Growband is essential for protecting and regrowing your hair.

*Due to high demand, delivery time is currently 10-16 days

How does it work?

1: Place the Growband comfortably on your head and hold the pump in your hand.

The Growband sits comfortably on your head with the soft inside cushioning and neck support. The strap at the front can be easily adjusted to fit all head sizes. Some users reported they like to use the Growband for 10 minutes whilst watching Netflix.

2: Use the hand pump to inflate the Growband inner tube with a couple of squeezes.

With a few squeezes of the hand pump the inner tube of the Growband starts to inflate. A couple of easy squeezes is enough to inflate the inner tube. The inner tube comfortably pushes upwards against the back and sides of the head lifting up the scalp and relieving tension throughout the top, sides and back.

3: As the band inflates the scalp is gently lifted upwards, releasing scalp tension.

As the inner tube inflates it naturally pushes the scalp upwards, relieving tension throughout the scalp in an enjoyable way. Blood is forced back into the scalp and the pressure causes creasing and pinching of the scalp which is very important to help reduce calcification and fibrosis.

4: Press the button on the hand pump to release the air and let the scalp back down.

We recommend holding the upwards inflation for a few seconds. This helps stretch out the muscles and skin which hold the scalp tight. You'll start feeling a slight warming sensation in your scalp as blood starts to move around and towards the hair follicles. Press the button to release the air pressure and the scalp will return to it's previous position. Now start again at step 1. Continue for 5-10 minutes each day.

See a difference after just ten minutes per day.

10 minutes per day is all the time you need to use the Growband. It's really as simple as that. Our Beta testers said they use it whilst watching TV or browsing Netflix. Whatever you decide to do whilst using the Growband the gentle rhythmic up and down pressure is relaxing, enjoyable and non-distracting.

What Really Causes Hair Loss?

Although this goes against mainstream wisdom, the real cause of hair loss is lack of blood flow.

The hair follicle itself is directly connected to the capillaries which feed its growth.

The capillaries deliver oxygen, nutrients and minerals which are vital for hair follicle growth - and without them the hair follicle will die for certain!

A hair follicle needs nutrients, minerals and oxygen to grow. These all come from the blood.

Why is blood flow so important for hair growth?

To understand how important blood flow is for cell growth we can take a look at the interesting case of Sadhu Amar Bharati -

This incredible Indian man held his arm above his head for 38 YEARS as an act of religious devotion. 

But as a result, the decreased blood flow due to gravity caused his arm and hand to shrink and wither, almost like a stick (as you can see in the photo) - rendering it basically useless now.

Cells grow where the blood flow is strong, and the hair follicles are no exception.

Without strong blood flow the hair follicles shrink until they eventually fall out. This is known as 'hair follicle miniaturization'.

Low blood flow makes hair follicles get thinner.

When the follicles start receiving less blood flow over time, they gradually shrink, leading to eventual hair loss throughout the scalp.

If your hair is thinning or receding it means your hair is starving from lack of blood flow.

Without blood flow, your hair doesn't receive the nutrients it needs to grow and stay healthy!

Scalp Tension Restricts Blood Flow 

Imagine a drum skin, pulled so tight over the drum that it hardly moves when you touched it.

The same can happen with your scalp during and after puberty due to the growth of the skull.

The skin gets pulled so tight that blood flow to the hair follicles gets lower and lower leading to hair loss as time goes on.

Look at the picture below and notice how hair on the top where tension is high has already died from blood starvation.

If it were true that scalp tension causes hair loss, then relaxing the muscles (the galea) that pulls the skin tight over the scalp would boost hair regrowth right?

Well, in 2010 a study was conducted where botox was injected into the scalp, shutting off the muscle contractions and effectively forcing it to relax.

They were basically loosening the drum skin.

The results were incredible.

In the 48 week study, 40 male subjects between 19 and 57 years old had an average amount of hair increase of 18% across ALL the subjects.

So, just by relaxing the muscles in the scalp using botox injections the average hair count for all participants in the study increased by a whopping 18%!

From the diagram below we can see how the areas of the top of the scalp under the most tension correlate with the areas of the scalp that start losing hair first in the typical pattern of male genetic hair loss.

We can confidently assert that scalp tension lowers blood flow, which then causes hair loss.

Areas of highest tension in the scalp are the same areas that go bald first.

But there's more...

Scientists now know that DHT is directly affected by blood flow to the scalp.

Read on to find out how!

Block DHT The Right Way!

Did you ever consider taking, or are even currently taking finasteride (Propecia)?

This mainstream drug works by artificially blocking DHT, a completely natural and normal hormone which you've likely heard of if you've done any research into hair loss.

As you probably read (or even experienced) - the side effects of using finasteride can be extremely harsh, after all, you're messing with your bodies' hormones using a very powerful drug.

What's interesting though, is that there is a 100% natural, completely effective way to 'block' DHT directly in the scalp so that it doesn't harm the hair follicles at all.

What is this secret natural DHT blocker?


Yes, oxygen is the #1, ultimate DHT blocker.

Professor Freund from the University of Arizona in the US discovered this about DHT:

"The enzymatic conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is oxygen dependent. In low-oxygen environments, the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone is favored; whereas in high oxygen environments, more testosterone is converted to estradiol" Freund, B. J. et al

The chemical reaction takes place like this:

Now you can finally stop trying to artificially block DHT with finasteride (and dealing with all the shocking sexual side-effects associated with it.)

It has even been suggested that the mechanism through which minoxidil generates hair regrowth is its vasodilation effect (widening of the blood vessels), causing more blood and oxygen to go to the scalp!

You can simply increase the oxygen flow in your scalp and convert DHT into the harmless chemical estradiol before it even has a chance to attack your hair follicles.

Why is The GrowBand So Effective?

The GrowBand is a device that you place around your head that inflates, pushing your scalp up, thereby reducing the tension in your scalp and increasing blood flow.

In less than 15 minutes of use per day, scalp tension can be reduced by enough to allow blood to flow back into your scalp and feed the starving hair follicles again giving them exactly what they need to grow.


Having a tense scalp means there's less blood flow - so you're not getting the nutrients and oxygen required for healthy hair!

The GrowBand delivers the much needed blood allowing for supercharged hair growth like you've never seen before.


Calcification destroys the scalps ability to grow healthy hair. Stop scalp calcification once and for all and destroy the calcium deposits that are ruining your scalp health.


Fibrosis prevents your scalp's job of growing thick, luscious hair. Luckily the GrowBand can get rid of it with its ability promote healthy circulation, allowing you to start growing healthy hair again.

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"I've been using the growband for 3 months now for about ten minutes each day. I'm starting to see a difference in the thickness of my hair at the front and lots of the wispy hairs are getting bigger and stronger. I really did not expect this much so soon."

Will started the Revolution in 2012 and has been growing the business into what it is now. He's the lead researcher, writer and product developer. He has a Master's degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Birmingham and is based in London.


Gus joined the Revolution in 2016 as the head of Product Development. He has a First Class degree in Chemistry from the University of Bristol and worked for a leading London tech startup before joining HLREV. Gus currently resides in London.


Dr Neel Shah completed his M.B.B.S followed by M.D. in pharmacology from India. Currently based in Toronto, Neel worked as a Medical Advisor with companies such as Abbott before joining our team. With published scientific research papers Neel ensures our articles are evidence based and accurate.

Easy To Use

The GrowBand is simple and easy to use. Simply sit in a comfy chair and position the device correctly on your head. Then simply use the hand pump and let it do its work.


Scalp tension is uncomfortable and can cause an itchy scalp and headaches. The device reduces tension making your scalp feel amazing.

Stress Free

Constructed with quality materials, simply let the Growband do the work whilst you relax and catch up with your favourite TV show.

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All the risk is on us because the Growband comes with a 180 refund guarantee. Simple as that!

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Reducing scalp tension has been proven to help regrow hair in men and women with hair loss.

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Pay once and use it forever. No on-going costs like most hair loss treatments.

What's Included In the Box

  • GrowBand
  • Hand pump with pressure guage
  • GrowBand User Manual
  • Soft, forehead cushion

Technical Specifications

  • Construction: Rubber, Plastic, & Metal 
  • Weight: 250g  
  • Dimensions: 24cm x 21cm x 9cm 

Real Results You Can See & Feel Or Your Money Back - 100% Risk Free!

The GrowBand comes with our 180 Day Guarantee. So, if there is any reason you aren't completely happy with the GrowBand in the next 180 days simply let us know and we'll issue you a 100% on-the-spot refund.

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