Hair Growth Serum – How To Make Your Own

In this guide you’ll learn how to make the hair growth serum that helped re-grow my hair, and thousands of other men and women’s hair too.

This serum recipe works fast, but at the same time is natural and is generally free from any of the harsh chemicals that other products contain.

I’m going to show you exactly how you can make your own serum, how to apply it for maximum effect, as well as lots of other tricks and tips to make your hair grow strong and fast.

The serum you’re about to make is especially useful for any body (male or female) suffering from forms of hair loss.

Okay, let’s begin.

Bonus: Please use my new 6 question quiz at the bottom of this article to find out if you’ll be able to regrow your hair naturally with serums and other methods.

Preparing your scalp so that the serum has maximum effect.

Before applying this hair growth serum you should prepare your scalp so that it has the maximum effect (fastest hair growth.)

Most of the time we have a layer of dead skin, oil, dust and dirt which coats the surface of the scalp. Those who are suffering from pattern baldness will also have some level of DHT on the scalp, which contributes to hair loss.

We must get rid of this layer to allow the serum to penetrate on to the scalp and have maximum growth effect. If not it may just sit on top of the scalp and never even be absorbed.

The ultimate way to prepare your scalp is to use a salicylic acid peel to remove the layer of sebum. To do this we use a mild salicylic acid.

Salycylic acid is typically used to rejuvenate the skin, by peeling away dead skin cells, making the skin more bright and radiant.

There is however, a small amount of alcohol present in most salicylic acid products, so protect the hair follicles from the acid we can use cocnut oil.

Wash and dry your hair, then rub in a small amount of coconut oil. Leave the coconut oil on your hair for roughly half an hour and then use a pipette to begin applying the salicylic acid to your scalp in the areas where you will later want to apply the hair growth serum.

Most men who suffer from male pattern baldness will be losing their hair in the typical M shaped pattern, also known as a Widow’s peak. If this is you then apply the peel (and later the serum) in the areas where you want the hair to re-grow.

Along the hairline, or on any areas where the hair feels thin, weak and lifeless, or just receding in general is a great place to begin.

Some people are allergic to salicylic acid so it’s a good idea to do a skin test before applying to your scalp.

Apply the salicylic acid to the are of the scalp you want to re-grow hair and then wash it off with warm water 10 minutes later on.

There should be mild peeling where the sebum of dead skin, oil and dirt has peeled away. If you find you have a particularly thick layer of sebum, that isn’t removed after one peel you can try another peel two days later.

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However, this may be a warning sign that your body is producing an unhealthy amount of oils or toxins are being removed from your body via the scalp in which case a diet change may be in order.

You’ll have to read the other guides on this website to find out more about that. Here are two good places to start.

Detox for hair growth

Foods that cause hair loss

The recipe, ingredients and preparation of the hair growth serum.

This hair growth serum has been adapted from this method where you can find more detailed instructions.

What follows is the recipe used to make this secret homemade serum. This mixture is especially useful for removing any DHT on your scalp (which will help to prevent hair loss) as well as stimulating rapid new hair growth and making your hairs grow thick and strong.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid forms the base ingredient of the serum. This is because has no smell or color, yet it is produced naturally by our bodies and helps assist in the transportation of nutirents to cells and toxins away from cells.

It will act as a carrier oil that contains the other vital ingredients.

Emu oil

Emu oil has been used for hair growth for thousands of years. It inhibits DHT, which is the hormone responsible for pattern hair loss, thereby reducing hair loss and speeding up hair growth.

Saw palmetto

Saw palmetto is another (powerful) inhibitor of DHT when applied topically to the scalp.

Apple polyphenol

Using the derma roller to stimulate the scalp.

In this section you’ll learn how to use the derma roller to effectively apply the serum to your scalp for maximum effect.

If you don’t use a derma roller then the mixture simply sits on top of the scalp and doesn’t penetrate the surface, having little or no effect on the hair follicles.

The roller also serves another purpose. Traditionally it is used to get rid of wrinkles and smooth the skin by stimulating the production of collagen and new skin cells.

In the scalp, the roller penetrates the skin that stimulates new cell growth through active healing.

Use the roller by rolling it gently across the area of the scalp where you want to apply the serum. I choose a needle size of 0.5mm. Roll it gently in multiple directions, it shouldn’t hurt to do this, but rather tingle.

It’s important to make sure the roller is thoroughly steralised before using it.

Applying the serum to your scalp.

The next step is to apply the serum you’ve made to the areas you’ve already rolled. You can use a pipette or a cotton bud, or even a (clean) finger.

Rub the serum into the affected area until it is thoroughly and evenly distributed across the scalp. Then you’ll want to leave it on for at least half an hour to penetrate into the scalp and release its powerful hair growing properties.

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22 thoughts on “Hair Growth Serum – How To Make Your Own

  1. Hey, if you’ve got a question about making your own serum just write it in the comments section here and I’ll try to answer it asap.

    • Hi Will,
      I tend to add lots of various essential oils (around 4 different) to a carrier to make a ‘super-serum’… Is it okay to do this, or are more specific serums like your suggested ones more effective?

      • It depends on which oils you use. Some oils have been proven to stimulate hair growth, so obviously you can try using those ones, and a mixture of those. Let me know how it goes with your mixture.

        • Thanks Will. And is it a good idea to leave these oils in your hair for 24 hours? Or can there be negative effects of having a serum on your scalp for the majority of the week? I assume your scalp also needs a balance of being totally clean and free to breathe / sprout out hairs.

          • And, Will… why have you given so much information away for free? It’s currently my most valuable source and I am highly grateful to you for making my research easier! Firstly thankyou, you’re great. I’m just curious what your benefit from this is? 🙂

          • Thanks Jamie, it took me a long time trying to figure this all out by myself – I think it’d be a waste if I didn’t share it. Plus, I’m a nerd, so it’s fun for me to read research papers and test different ways to regrow hair. Pattern baldness has been such a mystery for a long time and now it feels like we’re finally unravelling it together.

          • Excellent stuff. I have one more question about the serums – when leaving on overnight, I tried wearing a beanie as to not dirty my pillow. However do you think the friction of a hat could ware hair/ cause breakage or not allow it to breathe?

          • I don’t think it’s ideal. Try putting on a lesser amount and make sure it’s only over the scalp, not on the hair. This will help keep your pillow clean.

    • Hi Will, if we have a dry scalp (still suffering hair loss), is it appropriate to do the epidermis plaque removal (which is recommended for clearing oils)?? I think my hair needs to be more oily.

      • If your scalp is dry, try removing processed foods from your diet. Instead add in coconut water and coconut oil, and a high quality oil supplement such as fish oils to your diet. Drink more water (not tap water ideally) and also eat more oily fish. It’s a good idea to try and sort out your oily scalp first. The peel will help remove dead skin from the scalp and might help to clear away some of the dandruff. But make sure you do a skin test first. If the skin test goes well and the skin feels fine after removing the plaque then you know it will be okay to do on the rest of the scalp.

  2. I just want to add – even if all these methods dont ultimately work for me long-term, or full-stop, I dont think I would ever regret all this research and application. It gives you hope and something to do about your hair – the worst part is feeling helpless. It allows you to channel the frustration into productivity, and the diet stuff is beneficial anyway. So you are partly to thank for me getting out of a shitty place. I appreciate it man.

    • Thanks – Yep the biggest side effect of all this stuff is glowing skin and longevity. And it does work. I have a friend who, when we were teenagers my hair was far more receded than his. Now we’re older, his hair has almost completely thinned out and my hair looks good and it almost at the ‘juvenile hairline.’ Feeling helpless is horrible – but we don’t have to feel that way 🙂

  3. Hi there Will,

    Awesome work here.

    Question for you though; Could there be a vegan alternative that we can use instead of Emu oil?

    • Hi Chris,

      Here’s a bit of a clearer breakdown:

      Step 1: Combine the emu oil and hyaluronic acid in 1:1 ratios.
      Step 2: Add 1 part of saw palmetto to 6 parts of the emu oil/hyaluronic combination from Step 1.
      Step 3: Add 1 part of apple polyphenol to 7 parts of the emu oil/hyaluronic/saw palmetto from Step 2.

      – Steph

  4. I am 19 years old, I started suffering from hair fall problem from June 2016 when I had a hair spa to cure my itchy scalp, and the hair fall was severe for few months, after that I started noticing in January 2017 that my hair line is receding and by July 2017, my hair turned too thin and now I have lost a significant amount of hair from the temples, also the volume has reduced a lot. I think it’s pattern baldness, but I am losing hair from all sides and also most of the hair is thin now.
    Please tell me what should I do, since you don’t ship your products to India, you can recommend me some natural methods to cure, like preparing mixture of different oils or any exercise or something that proves helpful for me.

    • Hi Brendon, it does sound like pattern baldness from the way you’ve described it. Yes unfortunately we don’t ship to India so you won’t be able to use our Grogenix range. However, there is still a lot you can do, such as optimising your diet and daily scalp massages etc. You can also make your own shampoos and elixirs.

      • Please tell me how to do that, how can I prepare it by using natural oils like castor, rosemary, peppermint etc.. please tell me

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