DHT Blocker Side Effects

  • June 24, 2016
A man suffering with a low labido

It’s well known that dihydrotestosterone is the male hormone primarily responsible for male pattern baldness, so it makes sense that blocking this hormone would help slow or even reverse hair loss

And it does.

A molecule of the hormone DHTIn this article you’ll learn about some of the side effects that come about from blocking DHT, and you will also learn how to counteract these side effects.

You’ll also learn some of the best ways to block DHT, that minimise any side effects.

Let me say now, though, hair loss isn’t as simple as blocking DHT, there is much more to it than that. Let me quickly explain.

Men with male pattern baldness don’t actually have particularly high levels of DHT, so it’s any sort of high level that is causing hair loss. Why men lose their hair (and why this tends to run in families) is because of what’s called ‘DHT sensitivity.’

That means the hair follicles (particularly at the crown and temple of the head) are sensitive the affect DHT can have on miniaturising hair follicles. Ultimately what will help you to stop and reverse hair loss will be reducing your DHT sensitivity.

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However, blocking DHT can also help to some extent, since having less DHT in your blood and in your scalp will mean less affect on the hair follicle. The problem is, simply lowering your DHT levels have have knock on effects on your body – side effects.

This is because DHT is a natural hormone which helps with other bodily functions. It is natural, healthy and normal to have DHT in your blood. A better way to fight hair loss is to reduce your DHT sensitivity since this is more of a ‘genetic predisposition’ rather than an absolute certainty.

At Hair Loss Revolution I do write a lot about how to do this, but this article will focus on some of the side effects that come from blocking, and how to reduce them.

The Best Way To Block DHT?

You can block DHT in a number of ways. The enzyme 5-alpha-reducatase is an enzyme that transforms testosterone into DHT, so inhibiting this enzyme can help lower levels. This is how the popular hair loss drug Propecia (finasteride) works.


Pumpkin seed oil has been proven to improve hair count in men who took it over 24 weeks, the researchers believe this is due to reduce DHT levels.

There are also natural herbs and supplements that block dht, and there are certain vitamins that can help as well.

One of the best natural and proven ways is to supplement pumpkin seed oil which conclusively proved to improve hair count after 12 and 24 weeks due to the effects on inhibiting 5-alpha-reductase (the researchers believe.)


What Are The Side Effects?

While the following side effects can be associated with all DHT blocking it’s fairly safe to say that they re more common and more severe with pharmaceuticals like finasteride and dutasteride since herbs and supplements are generally less powerful.

DHT is a normal and healthy hormone in adult males, and so unnatural reduction in the hormone levels can have knock-on side effects. Some men report no side effects, some have noticeable side effects.

In my early days of figuring out how to beat hair loss I went on propecia for a period of around 6 months. Although I didn’t notice any side effects initially, when I stopped taking the drug (I new I had discovered a more powerful natural way) I immediately felt my sex drive go rapidly upwards.

My ejaculation volume increased and my erection strength improved.

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I realised that these sexual side effects hadn’t been noticeable at the time I started the course of finasteride, probably because they took place gradually.

Luckily everything went back to normal for me, unfortunately some men report permanent sexual side effects even after they stop taking propecia.

A red balloon representing the low male libido side effectLower libdio

A noticable decrease in libido and less interest in women sexually.

Weaker erections

Erections may be less hard, and go down quicker. You may have less ability to ‘go again.’

Decreased ejaculatory volume

Decreased ejaculatory volume was one of the most noticeable differences of coming off the drug for me (my ejaculation volume went up dramatically.) Some men claim there ejaculate is more watery.

Penile shrinkage

This probably comes about as a result of the weaker erections

Swelling and tenderness in breasts

Some men also report a swelling and tenderness of the breasts, probably to do with artificial imbalance of the hormones. I never experienced this but it doesn’t sound enjoyable.

How to reduce the side effects

Obviously the best way to reduce the side effects of blocking DHT is to reduce the amount of DHT blockers you are taking, and find another way to make up for it. You could do this in a number of ways:

  • Scalp massages to reduce tension and stress in the scalp and improve circulation
  • Breathing exercises to increase blood oxygen content and reduce stress
  • Meditation to reduce stress
  • Hanging to increase circulation in scalp
  • Minxodil or natural minoxidil solution for the scalp
  • Decrease masturbation frequency
  • Imrpove nutrient, minerals and enzyme content of the blood
  • Improve gut bacteria and micro biome balance for increased nutrient uptake
  • Reduce delayed allergic reactions which increase DHT sensitivity
  • Cold showers

… and on and on. See the full list of ways to stop hair loss and follow the course for best results inside my hair loss course.

With that being said there are ways to decrease the sexual side effects associated with finasteride.

One example would be to try topical finasteride (although I still don’t recommend this!)

You can practice ejaculation control whereby you refrain from ejaculation and masturbation, or try to increase the frequency of sex without ejaculation.

This has the affect of increasing ejaculatory volume, and sex drive. Penis exercises can be used to increase penis size. Kegels can be used to increase hardness and longevity.

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