Brian Urlacher Hair – How Did He Get His Hair Back?

Brian Urlacher traded his signature bald head for a head full of hair. “A waste of money,” many say. But others are quite fascinated by the NFL superstar’s hair loss story.

However, if you confront the truth: there’s nothing fascinating about Urlacher’s hair transformation.

There’s a legend that says: Urlacher was so badass that he scared the hair off the top of his head.

While that’s (obviously) a lie – and Urlacher was simply an unfortunate victim of male pattern baldness – the Chicago Bears linebacker publicly admitted to undergoing a hair transplant surgery.

NFL player brian urlacher hair loss problem trasformation

Urlacher’s hair transformation story soaked up headlines as an Oreo cookie soaks up milk. There are literally very few intimidating alpha males – such as the Bears linebacker himself – who publicly admit to any kind of cosmetic surgery.

In fact, the 39-year-old NFL superstar quickly became a poster boy for hair transplant surgeries, with some companies even using his name and before-and-after images without his permission to promote their services (Urlacher even sued a hair restoration company for $200,000 in damages).

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Urlacher Shaved Off His Hair So People Wouldn’t Make Fun of Him

Many say Urlacher’s aggressive collisions with opponent NFL players on the football field caused his hair follicles to fall out. But in reality, one of the most feared players in the NFL history had a prominent case of male pattern baldness.

The Bears linebacker has previously revealed that he went bald as early as in college, which, by the way, isn’t something out of the extraordinary as many guys in their 20s start losing their precious mane.

Urlacher playing american football covering head with helmet
Wikimedia Commons

And Urlacher did what most guys in his situation do: he shaved off his hair, which in the 21st century is a huge mistake, especially when there are so many non-surgical hair restoration treatments available, ranging from conventional (Minoxidil, Finasteride) to natural (scalp massage, natural DHT blockers).

The intimidating NFL player has previously admitted that he had started shaving his head completely so that no one would make fun of him, and said he would shave three times per week so people wouldn’t see his hairline.

How Bad was Brian Urlacher’s Hair Loss?

Even though Urlacher rocked a bald head his entire football career, he could clearly be seen with a Norwood 3 stage hairline — the one that has a solid coverage at the back of the head but a very visible frontal forelock, aka the island.

The NFL legend also had a very prominent temple recession, which should have become an early warning sign for him to take action against hair loss the moment he saw it in his college years.

Urlacher didn’t even bother to try one of the many popular hairstyles to disguise thinning hair (many of which are quite badass), as he simply shaved off his head entirely.

Urlacher wearing a hat to cover bald head visits US Troops at the Bagram Airfield in 2014
Wikimedia Commons

One can argue that Urlacher was fully happy with the status quo on his head – I mean, literally the whole NFL feared the dude because of his aggressive and hulking baldy look – but turns out the football superstar was just as saddened by his hair loss as about 50% of all men on the planet, who studies show can be affected by baldness by the time they reach 50.

… Or else he wouldn’t undergo a procedure so expensive and so risky just to be able to shampoo his head and run his fingers through his voluminous hair from time to time.

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Why Would He Go Under the Knife to Restore Hair?

Needless to say, Urlacher’s hair transformation set off waves of confusion and shock among NFL fans when the linebacker debuted his head full of hair in 2016.

But what was even more shocking, he revealed the secret behind his hair restoration straight away.

A hair transplant firm that was responsible for Urlacher’s “hairdo” cashed in on the subsequent advertising of their services, big time. Images of the NFL player’s baldhead-turned-hairy-head were literally everywhere.

Though not all NFL fans, who were used to seeing Urlacher’s hairless head shining all over the football field, were happy about his hair transformation.

urlacher debuts head full of hair after playing football bald for 13 years
Vimeo Caption

Many said the hair transplant surgery turned a once-badass looking man into a friendly salesman who goes around the neighborhood selling insurance packages.

But why would he choose an invasive hair loss treatment that is so costly (I estimate the procedure cost the linebacker up to $15,000), so risky (many side effects are associated with hair transplant surgeries), and offers no guarantee of protecting you from further balding?

Not to mention that after the surgery is over, you need to avoid any kind of sweating for 14 days — that means no exercise and sex for two weeks!

What was it that prompted one of the most famous NFL players in history to undergo the invasive hair restoration procedure?

Well, unlike all the science-proven natural hair growth methods, a hair transplant surgery gives you almost immediate results — though for many it can take anywhere from a year to 18 months to see the full result.

What Would I Recommend For Brian Urlacher?

While reversing hair loss naturally is harder than spending an annual minimum-wage income (if you’re living in the U.S.) on a hair transplant, it’s totally worth it.

Urlacher, like any other man who goes under the knife to revive his hair follicles, can potentially expect further shedding even after performing the invasive procedure.

That’s why I strongly recommend introducing the following methods to reverse hair loss naturally the moment you start seeing early signs of balding (or even before that, as a preventative measure):

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