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I started this website around 4 years ago with the goal to share all the research I had done in stopping my own hair loss.

Since then, the blog has continued to grow as I've written about more and more topics.

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Sylvester Stallone Hair – Is It All Natural?
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My Philosophy

Chemical products and prescription hair loss treatments may be the quick fix, but are they the best?

In the vast majority of cases, I would say no. In fact, why use potentially harmful products with an endless list of complication and side effects when you can use natural ingredients and methods?

That’s the philosophy I incorporate into my daily life, and the one which I hope HairLossRevolution clearly reflects.

About Will Hartfield

Hi, my name is Will! I’m someone who knows what it’s like to live with a receding hairline, but I’m also someone who has reclaimed my hair, my confidence, and my life.

I’ve earned my degree in biomedical engineering, and I’m on a mission to find an all-natural alternative to hair loss treatment methods.

In fact, I’ve been on this journey for four years and have had great success in treating my hair loss and regrowing my hair.

In my early twenties, I began to notice a thinning hairline. Even worse, my hairline was receding. I tried Rogaine and Propecia – the only FDA-approved hair treatments on the market – but was unhappy with the side effects.

After all, does anyone really want to suffer from loss of libido in order to regrow their hair?

In addition, I knew once treatment ended, so too would the results.

That’s when I shifted my focus away from covering up the symptoms, and instead decided to tackle the source of my problems.

Since that time, I’ve has spent countless hours researching, testing, and tweaking the many natural methods out there. From essential oils to vitamin supplements to scalp massages and more, I’ve made it my mission to find the best hair growth treatments available.

My hope is to inspire and instruct hair loss sufferers worldwide.

An Introduction to Hair Equilibrium

Along with the dozens of articles available on the website, I have also created a popular program known as Hair Equilibrium.

If you think that hair loss is unnatural, and you want to take a natural, effective approach to hair growth, then this program is for you.

I’ve incorporated thousands of hours of research into the creation of this program, and it’s certainly paid off for the hundreds of readers who have taken the plunge.

In Hair Equilibrium, you’ll find a SIX step approach to regrowing your hair. These steps will walk you through exactly what you need to do to stop hair loss and reactive your hair follicles.

In short, these are the steps you’ll take:

  • Step 1: Reduce DHT Sensitivity
  • Step 2: Unlock Your ‘Genetic Type’
  • Step 3: End Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Step 4: Discover & Eliminate Environmental Triggers
  • Step 5: Cause Hair Follicles To Reactivate
  • Step 6: Boost Scalp Softness & Circulation

From homemade products that I’ve tweaked and tested myself to ingredients lists and recipes for the best hair growth boosting foods to massage technique videos and instructions, you’ll get it all.