Reverse Your Hair Loss With 1 Daily Supplement Using The 7 Pillars...

Maybe you've thought about taking a hair loss supplement before but were confused about what actually worked to reverse hair loss!

Now with over 4 years of research and over 200 published articles on hair loss I've distilled everything I've learnt into the 7 pillars that are required for a hair loss supplement to actually work.

Introducing The 7 Pillars Of A Hair Loss Supplement That Works...

1: End Nutrient & Mineral Deficiencies

Your hair needs the right nutrients and minerals to grow. From clinical studies we know what are the most common deficiencies that cause hair loss. With these ingredients included we can be sure that deficiencies won't be stunting hair growth.

(What's included: Biotin, Vitamin D, Zinc, Marine Collagen, Selenium)

2: Naturally Lower DHT Levels

DHT attacks the hair follicle causing miniaturization and eventually death. By naturally lowering DHT levels you'll be able to slow down the miniaturization process. You'll also use pillar 6 to reduce DHT sensitivity.

(What's included: Saw Palmetto, Reishi Mushroom, Nettle Extract)

3: Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation in the scalp leads to fibrosis and calcification which reduces blood supply to the hair and causes hair follicle death. This is why we include natural ingredients proven to reduce inflammation

(What's included: Resveratrol)

4: Reverse Scalp Calcification

Scalp calcification drastically reduces blood supply to the hair follicles. This is why bald men's scalps appear shiny with thin, tough skin. We can use magnesium sterate to reverse the calcification.

(What's included: Magnesium Citrate)

5: Aid Relaxation & Reduce Stress

Stress can trigger and speed up hair loss. That's why we've include herbs that are proven to aid relaxation and improve sleep quality.

(What's included: Ashwaganda)

6: Reduce DHT Sensitivity

Hair follicle sensitivity to DHT is perhaps the most important aspect of hair loss. We include a probiotic which heals the microbiome and helps to reduce DHT sensitivity.

(What's included: Probiotic)

7: Boost Antioxidants

Antioxidants help to heal cellular damage caused by free radicals, slowing down the ageing process. We've included the highest rated natural antioxidant in the world.

(What's included: Alma Berry Extract)

Now You Can Use These Powerful Natural Ingredients To Easily Regrow Your Hair

  • Provides nutrients and minerals essential for hair growth
  • Naturally lowers DHT
  • Reduces scalp inflammation
  • Reverses scalp calcification
  • Aids relaxation and reduces stress
  • Supports healthy microbiome which decreases DHT sensitivity
  • Boosts antioxidants levels

Now Just $27 for A 2 Month Supply

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Results You Can See & Feel Within 60 Days Or Your Money Back

If for any reason you don't get positive regrowth within 60 days like many of the others who have used Gro2, I've made it incredibly easy and straightforward to ask for a refund.

No quibbles, no questions asked, just a simple and honest 100% refund.

Reviews for GRO2 Hair Growth Supplement

Roman, T.

Scalp and hair feel and look better after 1 month using GRO2.

James, B.

Because I only need to take one capsule per day it's easy to remember to do it.

Sachin, J.

My hair is growing much more thick and strong using the Gro2 hair supplement. I like it very much.

Use The Power Of Nature & The 7 Pillars To Regrow Your Hair With 1 Capsule Per Day

Now Just $27 For 2 Months & Free Shipping

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Here are some more useful resources for tried-and-tested hair loss supplements and resources.

Below are the best supplements, ingredients, shampoos and equipment that I used personally to regrow my hair. With most of these I’ve tried out a few different options and settled on my favourites. 
You can order these all on Amazon today.

William Hartfield - Founder Hair Loss Revolution

(Updated 08/16)

The UK products may differ from the US products (and pictures and descriptions shown,) both choices are my favourites as far as my experience and research shows.

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Best Morning Smoothie Supplements

Green Superfood - Mixed Greens

Mixed greens contain the powders of many different superfoods in a very convenient form. They provide rare micro-nutrients and minerals, and are a concentrated form of chloryphll which improves the body's ability to carry oxygen.

These greens are also highly alkalising, which stops keratin leaching from the hair, and inhibits 5-alpha reductase in the scalp.

I usually add Green Superfoods to my smoothies.

Manitoba Harvest - Hemp Protein

Hemp protein is one of the highest quality sources of protein you can get. It has very high amounts of omega oils, and is plant based, so totally natural and healthy.

It's also an excellent source of fibre, which helps keep the colon clean and promote healthy bacteria.

Manitoba Harvest is high quality and organic. I add this to my morning smoothies to reduce the glycemic index, and increase protein content for hair growth.

Source Organic - Pea Protein

Pea protein is a great addition to hemp protein, but it has a higher protein and BCAA content and lower omega content.

As with all nutrition, it's good to find different sources of food so your body doesn't miss any micro-nutrients or minerals.

I use slightly less pea than hemp protein since it is quite expensive, and I pre-mix this before adding it to my smoothies. Sources Organic is very high quality, a bit pricey, but worth it for the quality IMO.

Drink Matcha - Green Tea Powder

Green tea powder is a powerful antioxidant which helps destroy free radicals that speed up ageing and hair loss.

It contains polyphenols and boosts metabolism which can improve nutrient uptake to your hair.

I add this to my smoothie in the morning because the caffeine can provide a little kick to wake me up and get the day going. If you add less than a teaspoon you won't notices the taste, although some people quite like it.

NOW Foods - Fo-Ti

Fo Ti has been used in China for centuries as it was well known to increase hair strength, thickness and gloss.

Fo Ti isn't particularly nice tasting, but inside the capsule it's easy to drink with water.

Alternatively you can break apart the capsule and add it to your smoothie in the morning, which most people usually don't taste.

Fo Ti is often used to reverse gray hair and is also known to increase sperm count.

Nature's Bounty - Niacin (Vitamin B3)

Niacin is the perfect addition to your morning smoothie because it helps to rapidly build keratin (what hair is made of) through a process called keratinisation.

The niacin amino acids are rapidly absorbed along with the smoothie which contains the other hair growing nutrients, minerals and enzymes creating the perfect building blocks for fresh hair growth.

Nature's Bounty Niacin is a product I use because I believe it is high potency, high quality and a reasonable price.

Sports Research - Biotin (Coconut Oil Enhanced)

Biotin is a well-known supplement for healthy hair. It's always better to find natural sources of whatever nutrient you are looking for, but if you are worried you aren't getting enough biotin in your diet naturally then I would recommend this supplement.

I like this product from Sports Research because it is enhanced with coconut oil which helps improve absorption of the biotin, making it more effective.

Without proper absorption, many supplements simply pass straight through the colon and out the other side. This is why I usually recommend a detox and colon cleanse before starting a well thought out supplement regimen.

Biona Organic - Essential Balanced Oils

I love this blend of essential oils from Biona and I put a swirl of it in my smoothies every time. If you don't have smoothies then have a tablespoon of it for breakfast.

This mixture contains flax oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil, evening primrose oil, pumpkin seed oil, hemp oil and pomegranate oil.

These provide a variety of different essential fatty acids (healthy fats) that provide energy and nutrition that is amazing for hair growth, not to mention health in general.

Jiva Organics - Raw Almond Butter

I don't add raw almond butter to my morning smoothie just because it tastes great and gives the smoothie a nice texture.

Raw sprouted almonds are incredibly good for us and our hair, and this is a quick way to get them in  our diet.

The almonds provide tonnes of healthy fats and minerals that boost hair growth and provide the raw materials for hair follicle keratization.

Other nut butters, such as cashew and walnut are also recommended. If you have the time, an even better option is the whole (pre-soaked) raw nuts straight in the blender with the other ingredients.

Best Healthy Gut Supplements

Gaia Source - Probiotic Capsules

Gaia Source Probiotic contains 40 billion organisms per capsule, helping to increase healthy bacteria and optimise your micro-biome.

Flavourings, colourings, preservatives and processed foods destroy the healthy bacteria in our gut, which can lead to hair loss. Taking a daily probiotic is an absolute must.

I usually add this my smoothie in the morning as the probiotic works well with the yogurt.

Latta - Kombucha

Having a quarter glass of Kombucha per day is a powerful way to promote your healthy gut bacteria and fight hair loss.

Kombucha is fermented green tea and the recipe is originally from China.

An even better option than the shop-bought Kombucha here is to make your own at home, but of course, it requires more effort. This 12 pack from Latte will last for a while and tastes good too.

kombucha for healthy gut

Organic India - Whole Psyllium Husk

Psyllium husk provides 'pharmacopeial' quality fibre that sweeps the colon clean.

Have you ever noticed that stagnant rivers are the most dirty and toxic? The same goes for the human colon. Waste foods from a diet devoid of fibre and full of stodgy foods like dairy, gluten and red meat get stuck in the colon, where they rot causing a host of bad bacteria that can damage your hair and cause inflammation that leads to hair follicle miniaturisation.

Psyllium husk is the perfect supplement to sweep the colon clean and increase good bacteria.

psyllium husk for healthy gut

Best Every Day Supplements

Best Natural - Pumpkin Seed Oil

In a recent study from the Journal Of Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, pumpkin seed oil increased hair count in men significantly after 24 weeks of (400mg) supplementation.

The results are fairly conclusive and for that reason, pumpkin seed oil is highly recommended as a daily supplement.

This product from Best Naturals is high quality and the one I recommend.

Pumpkin seed oil supplement

Doctor Recommended - Tumeric Curcumin

Turmeric helps detox the blood and vital organs, it  helps kill bacteria and parasites that could be leaching nutrients and minerals from your body.

Tumeric is also a powerful unit-inflammatory which can help reduce hair follicle miniaturisation and an anti-oxidant which helps slow down ageing and age related problems like hair loss.

This product contains piperine which helps absorb the churchmen into your body more easily making it more effective and potent.

NOW Foods - Selenium

Selenium is an antioxidant, (which helps prevent age related problems) it improves blood flow which can help with hair follicle miniaturisation and boosts immunity.

It is also an essential mineral that helps in the process of hair growth. A lack of selenium cause poor nails and hair growth.

It is better to get your daily recommendation of selenium from your diet, but if you're worried that you might be lacking it, I would recommend this product from NOW Foods.

Celtic Sea Salt - Light Grey Celtic Sea Salt

We evolved from the sea, even our blood has the exact same pH as the sea and many of the essential minerals that our cells need to function correctly are found in the sea.

Instead of using bleached white sodium chloride that is full of anti-caking agents and preservatives, use this natural celtic sea salt to flavour your food. 

It is harvested naturally from the sea and contains all of the known (and as yet un-known minerals) that the human body needs.

Celtic sea salt for micro-nutrients

Best Shampoo

Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is the base cleansing agent I use in my homemade shampoos. It gently washes away dirt and oil, without stripping the natural oils from the scalp which protect the hair.

Shop-bought shampoos contain harsh chemicals which (although the smell and feel great) always end up damaging your scalp and hair.

Inside my hair loss program - Hair Equilibrium - I have an entire ebook dedicated to amazing homemade shampoos that boost hair growth.

Baking Soda - (Any Kind That's Pure)

Baking soda is the other active ingredient in the shampoos that I make. When mixed with apple cider vinegar is creates a gentle cleansing mixture that works great as a shampoo. From there you can add other ingredients that boost hair growth and stimulate the scalp.

Any baking soda will do as long as it's pure. Baking powder is slightly different so make sure you get soda not powder.

Bentonite Clay - Indian Healing Clay

Bentonite clay is used in the hair wash recipe which helps to gently clean the scalp, reduce acidity, remove toxins and absorb DHT.

For more recipes see the Hair Equilibrium program. I like this Indian Healing Clay because of its purity. Mix with water and pour over hair whilst in the shower and then rinse out.

Best Equipment

Breville JE98XL - Juice Extractor

I use my juicer almost every single day if I can help it. Vegetable juices are highly alkalising, and there is no better way to get massive amounts of hair growing nutrients and minerals into your body.

Because the vegetables are raw, you also get the enzymes that promote healthy bacteria and a healthy gut. The more alive your food is the more alive your body is.

You simply can't beat vegetable juice for fighting hair loss because of how powerful the acid/alkaline balance is for hair growth.

This Breville will last for years, is highly efficient and relatively easy to clean.

Black & Decker BL1110RG - Smoothie Maker, Blender

A smoothie maker is essential for making your morning smoothie that will be packed full all the hair-growing nutrients, minerals and supplements your body needs.

Most blenders suffice, but this Black & Decker is an excellent option for the price. It is powerful, easy to clean, reliable and has a good capacity (for the extra large smoothies.)

Make breakfast simple, quick and optimised for hair growth with healthy smoothies. A must have.

Head Massager

Body Back Scalp Massager

Use this simple but effective head massager to stimulate the scalp and encourage circulation, whilst relieving tension in the scalp.

I try to use this for 5 minutes a day on myself. After using it my scalp feels energised, more relaxed and tingly as the blood rushes in and brings oxygen, nutrients and minerals to the hair follicles.

I have slightly bent the fingers outwards so that they rub gently on my scalp, you don't want to cause irritation or damage.

Additional Information About Taking Supplements

Firstly and most importantly I recommend going to find out more about detox and colonic irrigations for preventing hair loss because taking supplements with a colon coated in toxic debris means the body is unable to absorb and utilise most of the ingredients.

The typical person living in Western society has a colon lined in partially digested food (mainly due to eating incompatible food combinations and lack of fiber.)

So even if you take the right supplements that are exactly what your body needs to regrow its hair, the beneficial effects will be minimal because instead of absorbing into the bloodstream and being utilised around the body and in the scalp, they actually pass through the colon and are excreted.

The first step towards benefiting from hair loss supplements is to clean the colon by juice fasting and colonic irrigations. Now your body can make the most of the specifically chosen supplements that you give it.

Supplements are meant to supplement a good diet, so don’t think that that means you don’t have to eat fresh, raw, varied, good food at every meal. However, unless you have the perfect, free range, organic diet, the supplements listed here will make a difference.

Often a single lacking trace mineral or nutrient can make a significant contribution to hair loss and baldness although these can be entirely different for different people because of everybody’s biochemical individuality. Finding which nutrient or mineral is lacking, and being able to absorb it correctly into the body can make a big difference.

Correct supplementation represents only a small fraction of the results you could achieve, something similar to taking a muscle building supplement. It’s better to focus on the more powerful techniques to cure hair loss, and then start adding supplements once you’ve got those handled. Anyway, let’s take a look at which supplements have proved useful for reversing hair loss and are generally lacking in our modern diets.

You can argue that pre-modern men didn’t suffer from hair loss and they never needed to take supplements, but pre-modern diets contained a greater variety of foods than our modern diets as well as being completely organic so they contained more trace minerals. Depleted top soils, genetically modified plants and poorly fed livestock mean supplements can be beneficial for us.

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