A few years ago I saw a photo of myself with my girlfriend…

I was shocked.


My hairline was rapidly receding, my forehead appeared to be getting larger and I looked about 10 years older.

I was losing my hair to male pattern baldness 🙁

Not someone to sit around and just let things happen, I jumped into action and put my biomedical degree to use in researching all current scientific literature on hair loss and ways to prevent it.

And what I discovered surprised me even more than that day I realised my hairline was receding so quickly.

There WAS scientific literature that showed male pattern baldness wasn’t inevitable and it could be helped.

However, most of what I found seemed hidden, wrapped up in scientific jargon or hard to apply in everyday life.

However, I did find a way to use what I found out to stop my own hair loss and even re-grow the hair on my temples.

As soon as I started seeing positive results I decided to share the hundreds of hours of research I had done, and that’s when I started Hair Loss Revolution…

… and no, I don’t know much about designing websites (I’m sure you can tell) but I do know that guys just like you and me really need this information.

I know it’s worrying when you see that amount of hair coming out in the shower, however I’m confident that if you follow along with what I learnt you can get the same results I did and prevent any further hair loss.

Others who have followed along have reported they’ve reversed their lost hair by as much as 5 years 🙂

They all tell me what an awesome feeling it is to have your hair growing back thicker every month –It’s the opposite of how it feels when your hair falls out.

Because I’ve had so many requests for help and even more detailed instructions, I created a complete guide that will help you apply the research I’ve found from the scientific journals and papers to permanently (and naturally) stop any further hair loss.

You can find out more about my guide by clicking on the button below which explains what to expect.

…along with useful reviews from others guys who were in your situation before but have successfully used my techniques to completely stop their hairline receding and falling out.

I’m looking forward to hearing your success story.

Will Hartfield

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