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Hi, I’m Will and I created this website to share with you exactly how I regrew my own hair naturally so that (hopefully) you can do the same too.

I know that one of the worst feelings in the world is seeing your hair fall out and feeling like there is nothing you can do about it.

I had the feeling for years.

Doctors said that if male pattern baldness ran in your family then your only option was a drug called Propecia - Ya’ know, the one with all the horrible side effects like loss of sex drive and weak erections - No thanks!

There had to be another way…

Did you ever believe deep down that hair loss was unnatural?
Me too, and actually we’re right.

Stable, well nourished populations of indigenous people just don’t suffer from baldness (androgenetic alopecia) so I wondered why more and more men (and women now) are losing their hair.

This realisation did give me hope though. Knowing that hair loss is unnatural meant that in theory it should be completely avoidable.

After three years of research, testing, trying and experimenting I finally put the pieces together and found the critical dietary and lifestyle factors that make all the difference to losing or keeping your hair.

At HairLossRevolution I’ve broken down those critical pieces into articles on my blog that you can learn from now.

The puzzle isn’t 100% complete yet, but I and many other readers of this site have already stopped losing our hair (and are on a path to re-growing lost hairs, but that takes longer).

You just have to follow what works and be consistent. I love hearing from others who have hair-loss problems, so if you have any questions, please let me know by leaving a comment on a related article.

Right now I recommend you take my short, 6 question quiz to find out if your hair loss is reversible or not

Will Hartfield

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I’ve spent over 4 years researching the causes of hair loss and how to reverse them, and in that time one thing has become more and more obvious…

The health of the scalp is not only THE most important factor for hair growth, but it’s one of the quickest and easiest factors to change.

If your scalp is healthy your hair will be thick & healthy too.

That is why I’ve put together this very concise guide to scalp health.

And reading this guide is the first step to growing back the hair you’ve lost.

That is, getting thick, healthy hair – stopping and reversing pattern baldness forever!

There are only 4 steps in this guide.

I want to keep this as simple as possible, because I know that once you try these simple steps and start getting results you’ll have the motivation to fill in the other details.

Knowing these 4 secrets to scalp health will put you immediately into the fast track to growing back lost hair.

And one more thing…

The secrets that I reveal in this guide are all backed up by clinical studies.

This is important because it means you can feel confident that they truly work, and you can use these techniques knowing that they will actually regrow your hair.

Scalp Secret 1:
Shampoos & Showers

‘Hair loss shampoos’ are sold everywhere and are very popular.

However, I’m sorry to say that basically they don’t work.

I recommend that starting from today you stop using any kind of shampoo or conditioner on your hair.

Don’t panic, you will still be able to wash your hair.

It’s just you’ll use one simple and natural ingredient:

Apple cider vinegar!

Apple cider vinegar shampoos gently cleanse the scalp

Apple cider vinegar (raw & organic ideally) is the only thing that I recommend you ‘wash’ your hair with.

(As you’ll find out later, there are other ingredients you should be using to ‘rinse’ your hair with!)

The reason I recommend apple cider vinegar is because it gently cleans the hairs and scalps without stripping away natural and important oils that protect the hairs.

All chemical shampoos do strip away these natural oils and they also damage the scalp, deposit chemicals into the skin and damage the long term health of the scalp.

One of the biggest reasons we use apple cider vinegar is because it absorbs transdermally through the skin where it then helps to dissolve calcium deposits in the scalp.

Reducing scalp calcification (i.e. deposits of calcium in the scalp) is crucially important for regrowing hair because the calcification makes it almost impossible to reestablish blood supply to the hair follicles.

And when it comes to regrowing lost hair, blood supply is the ‘golden pillar.’ It is the thing that matters most.

More blood supply = more hair.

It’s as simple as that!

You’ll find out more about blood supply in each of the next 3 secrets.

It’s so important that it appears in all of the secrets.

So, now you know that using any kind of shampoo is not recommended.

Instead you’ll begin using apple cider vinegar once, or maximum twice per week.Here’s how I recommend you use it.

Wet your hair under the shower.

Take your bottle of ACV and pour some into one cupped hand (just enough to fit in a cupped hand)

Then apply that liquid to your hair and massage in for ten seconds.

Depending on how much hair you have, you may want to add another cupped handful.

I personally do 2.

Next, rinse under running water for 1-2 seconds so that the ACV is diluted into your hair.

Massage again for ten seconds so that the ACV comes into contact with the scalp.

Then thoroughly rinse out under the shower.Here are a few other things you should keep in mind:

  • Don't use overly hot showers. Use cool water instead
  • Don't use hair sprays, waxes, gels or colourants
  • Don't blow dry, straighten or curl your hair

Earlier I mentioned that ACV is the only thing you should use to ‘wash’ your hair, but there are other things you can use to ‘rinse’ your hair with.

‘Rinsers’ are used to apply natural ingredients to the scalp without stripping away protective oils.

Washing too much leaves the hair and scalp dry and vulnerable.We know from clinical studies there are natural extracts and oils that are proven to cause hair growth, and we can rinse our hair with these without washing it.

It involves only 3 steps:

Step 1: Dilute the hair rinse with shower water

Step 2: Apply diluted mixture to wet hair & massage in

Step 3: Rinse out the mixture with cool shower water 

Here are the natural ingredients that have been clinically proven to cause hair growth and the ones I recommend you use:

  • Ecklonia Cava Extract
  • Reishi Mushroom Extract
  • Guava Leaf Extract
  • Thuja Orientalis Extract
  • Natural Caffeine Extract
  • Theaflavin Extract
  • Stinging Nettle Extract

These can all be combined into a simple hair rinse that is used every time you shower to use the power of natural extracts to stimulate hair growth.

Scalp Secret 2:
Topical Applications

Topical (meaning ‘applied to the skin’) applications have been proven to stimulate hair growth when applied to the scalp.

There are 3 main ways that they can do this:

  • By increasing blood supply throughout the scalp
  • By blocking DHT topically
  • By reducing calcium deposits in the scalp

The most common example of a topical application for thinning, receding hair is minoxidil.

It is the most popular hair loss treatment in the world.Minoxidil (also known by brand names such as Rogaine, Regaine (in the UK) and Kirkland) works because it is a vasodilator which means it dilates blood capillaries in the scalp causing increased blood flow to the hair follicles.

Although minoxidil can help regrow hair, it also has some undesirable side effects.

These commonly include:

  • Dark circles around eyes
  • Scalp irritation and itchiness
  • Scalp dryness and inflammation

Because of these side-effects, I don’t recommend using minoxidil.

However, there is actually no need to take the risk even if you don’t mind about the side-effects because there is a natural (and little known alternative) to minoxidil that has proven to be xx% more effective than minoxidil after 4 weeks.

It also works in the same way – as a vasodilator.

Yet it has none of the side-effects.This amazing substance is peppermint essential oil.

This study in 2014 from Keimyung University in Korea showed how effective PSO is at hair growth compared to side-effect ridden minoxidil.

Peppermint oil improved hair count more than minoxidil after 4 weeks

Enter your text here...

Point 2 of effective topical applications is that they topically block DHT.

Most people who have done even a small amount of research into pattern baldness know that DHT is a hormone that binds to the hair follicle (in the presence of low oxygen) causing the follicle to ‘miniaturize’ and die.

DHT is converted from testosterone by an enzyme in the body called type-2 5-alpha reductase.

The important point here is that by inhibiting this enzyme we can ‘block’ DHT and stop hair follicle miniaturization.

Finasteride (also known by its brand name Propecia) is the second most popular hair loss treatment in the world.

It works by inhibiting this enzyme (5-alpha-reducate) and thereby ‘blocking DHT’.

However, finasteride is taken orally (as a daily pill) so it blocks DHT throughout the body (not just locally in the scalp).

This can cause side-effects.

Most common side effects of finasteride are related to sex and include:

  • Loss of sex drive
  • Decrease in ejaculate volume
  • Weak erections

If you're anything like me then messing with the sexual system in your body is seriously scary.

Some people have even reported permanent sexual side effects.

Luckily, we don’t need to take finasteride and risk the undersiable side effects because:

  • Block it locally, in balding regions of the scalp
  • Use natural substances to do it without side effects

In fact, there is a natural substance that has been clinically proven to be more effective than finasteride at inhibiting the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase…

This substance is rosemary oil extract, and we can apply it topically, direct to the scalp to block DHT exactly where it matters most.

In a study in 2013 at Kinki University Japan rosemary oil inhibited 5-alpha-reducatse by 94.6% compared to 81.9% for finasteride.

The third point of a topical application is to reduce calcification of the scalp.

Although you’ll remember that apple cider vinegar can do this, there is a natural substance that is even better at removing calcium deposits than ACV.

That substance is magnesium chloride.

Magnesium chloride is a naturally occurring substance that is found in…

At a concentration of around 31% magnesium chloride in water is known as magnesium oil because of its slightly oily texture.

Magnesium oil can be applied topically and absorbed through the scalp where it immediately starts dissolving the calcium deposits in the scalp.

This decalcification of the blood capillaries feeding the hair follicles results in more blood flow and therefore more oxygen and nutrition.

Scalp Secret 3:

You’ll remember that earlier I said that blood flow is the golden pillar of hair regrowth.

Scalp secret 3 shows this theory to be true because we see how effective a dermaroller is at increasing hair growth.

Firstly, a dermaroller is handheld device with a roller containing hundreds of tiny metal pins.

It looks like this:

The pins penetrate the top layer of the skin, damaging it just enough to trigger the body to repair the wound by increasing blood supply to the area.

This study in 2013 published in the International Journal of Trichology showed that using a dermaroller along with minoxidil increases hair growth by xx times over minoxidil alone.

Hair count increases dramatically by using a dermaroller.

As you can see from the graph above, although the minoxidil was still effective, the combination of minoxidil and dermaroller was massively more so.

Microneedling vs control

When the participants were evaluated by the research team the dermaroller group posted significantly better results.

And patients were also asked to self-assess their hair growth at the end of the experiment.

Again, the dermaroller group posted much better results.

Of course, by now you know that there are natural alternatives to minoxidil which you should be using instead.

The point is that the dermaroller significantly increases the effectiveness of the topical application by 4-5X by mechanically stimulating blood flow to the exact area where we need it for hair follicle growth.

In addition to using a dermaroller, you can also use ‘cream’ that is applied just after using the dermaroller.

In this case we use a different mixture than the topical application because this wound sting when it comes in contact with the tiny wound.

This ‘dermaroller cream’ is a special formulation that combines with the dermaroller and is maximized in its effectiveness by using the short healing window to penetrate deeper into the scalp.

The dermaroller cream consists of:

  • Emu oil
  • CoQ10
  • Ku Shen
  • Grapeseed Extract

What's important is that this cream can be applied immediately after using the dermaroller without stinging.

It then penetrates deeper into the dermal layer, giving all of the substances of the cream maximum effectiveness.

Scalp Secret 4:
Scalp Massages & Exercises

Scalp secret number 4 could be considered the most powerful of all the 4 secrets.

It works in much the same way as the others – by utilizing the ‘golden pillar’ -Increased blood flow.

This secret is to use massages and exercises to directly increase blood flow to the scalp and therefore the hair follicles as well.

In 2012 The University of Hong Kong began a study to see if it was possible to regrow hair lost from genetic alopecia using an unusual form of Chinese massage.

The study lasted for 300 days and the results were published in the prestigious Journal of Clinical & Experimental Dermatology Research.

Here's the paper...

The massage was aimed to detach the scalp from the cranium, reduce fibrosis and increase blood flow to the hair follicles.

The researchers understood that..... DHT in the presence of..... enzyme.

...and what study found was sensational.

When you look at the Norwood Scale, you see the typical pattern of hairline recession. Starting at the front around the temples and moving backwards.

Now feel your scalp and tell me where your skin feels, thin, tight and lacking circulation.

The results of the study were incredible - you can see the percentage loss before and after highlighted below.

In every single group and age range, there was life-changing increase in the amount of hair after the massages.

The Hong Kong experiment produced amazing results, but there’s one huge anomaly about the whole thing…

Since the study has been completed, no one has been able to contact the lead researcher H. Choy to find out exactly what massage techniques were used.

So reproducing a study of this kind had not been possible.It almost feels like since the paper was published, for one reason or another the results have been tried to be covered up.

(Are there pharmaceutical companies who would lose billions of dollars overnight if the results were reproducible and went mainstream?)

Almost definitely!

So, can we be absolutely sure that using exercises and massages can help trigger hair regrowth?

Scalp massages and exercises can be incredibly powerful and effective for hair regrowth as the study shows.

Since the study didn’t show exactly how the massages are performed it has taken us some trial and error to come up with the exact massage and exercise techniques that work most effectively.

Luckily we have spent this time on trial and error so that you can right away begin to use the most effective techniques to grow back your lost hair.

In total there are 11 exercises and massages that should be performed. Each technique is done for a minute each, including a warm-up for a total of 15 minutes per day.

The techniques involve:

  • Exercising the frontal occipital muscle
  • Raising & lowering the scalp
  • Pinching the scalp
  • Squeezing the scalp
  • Shaking the scalp

All of these must be performed to maximize the effectiveness of the technique.

For more information about the 11 techniques please see module 13 of the Hair Equilibrium program where each technique is demonstrated live in short HD videos.


Reversing genetic baldness is possible – the scientific studies have shown it.

Each secret has merit on its own, but to ensure the best results you must use all 4 secrets together.

It’s when you combine them together that you’ll see the best results possible.I recommend that if you are serious about regrowing your hair that you don’t wait too long before using these 4 secrets.

Get started today. If you don’t start today, in a few months time you’ll wish you had started when you realize that you could have already achieved significant regrowth and thickening of your current hair.

Take the time right now to imagine 2 months from now, seeing and feeling the thicker, stronger exsisting hairs as well as new hairs starting to grow along the hairline.

Previously bald patches will have started to fill in, the scalp will be less visible, the hairline will have come forward and the hair will hold it’s shape better as well as looking and feeling thicker and stronger.

It all starts by using these 4 scalp secrets.

If you have any questions please email me directly at will (at)

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